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Dr. Manju Jaidka

Dear Friends

As proposed earlier, we will be instituting a prize in the name of Isaac Sequeira, awarded annually for the best paper presented by a young / middle level scholar at the MELUS-India / MELOW conference.
The objective of this email is two-fold: to approve announcements for (i) the Isaac Sequeira Prize to be given annually to the best paper presented at our conference; and (ii) inviting donations for the Isaac Sequeira Prize. Please look at the drafts below and let me have your opinion.
Thanks and regards
Manju Jaidka
Professor Isaac Sequeira's sad demise has created a void hard to fill. We, at MELUS-India / MELOW, would like to keep his memory alive and pay a tribute to its Patron and guiding light who played a key role in all the activities of the organization.
In the first place, the forthcoming publication (papers of the 2005 'Landmarks' conference) is being dedicated to Isaac. The anthology will be released at the next conference (March 2007).
Secondly, we have announced a cash prize of Rs. 2,500 for the best paper presented at our conferences (see details below). To faclilitate this we would need a corpus fund of about about Rs. 50,000. The interest of this amount would be used as the prize money. 
Some individuals have already come forward to offer contributions towards the corpus. We appeal to all friends, students, and erstwhile colleagues of Prof Sequeira to donate generously to this fund. A separate account will be maintained for this fund and presented annually.
Donations of Rs. 1,000 or more may be sent in cash / by draft payable to MELUS-India at Chandigarh. Please send your contributions to Prof. Manju Jaidka (Secretary, MELUS-India), Dept of English, Panjab University, Chandigarh - 160014.
Isaac Sequeira Prize
In the memory of our patron, Prof Isaac Sequeira, MELUS-India / MELOW will annually award a prize for the best paper presented at the conference. The award will comprise a certificate and a cash prize of Rs. 2,500.
  1. The competition is open to Indian citizens who are members of MELUS-India or MELOW.
  2. The participant / delegate should be less than forty years of age.
  3. The abstract and complete paper should be submitted by the deadline and presented at the conference.
  4. A panel of Judges will be appointed by the Office Bearers of MELUS-India / MELOW Office Bearers of MELUS-India / MELOW will not be eligible to compete for the prize.
  5. If required, these rules may be amended by a simple majority of members present and voting at the General Body Meeting of the Society.