American Studies and Indian Contributions: A Gateway

by Dr. Mohamed Taher  


This Gateway is a shortcut to Internet and other information resourcs. A gateway is an index or portal of a subject. It is not for for all those interested in Columbian and Vascodian type of adventurists and serrendipitists, who enjoy in surfing all round the globe, and naming any thing that comes in their way, be it Indians in paradigm of Columbus (presuming it to be the inhabitants of the land known as India, according to one theory), Calcutta or Calicut according to the paradigm of Vasco Da Gama (aka land of the kala kutta, according to one theory).
This gateway is not for those who want to still surf by themselves, using,,,, and type of search tools (aka search engines in the Internet buz words).
This Gateway, in short, is only for those who believe in the laws of Internet, the foremost being 'SAVE THE TIME OF THE SURFER'.


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