Major Resource Centres which promote education, research and study of the United States in India

by Dr. Mohamed Taher  

American studies outside the United States received maximum support from a major resource centre, i.e.,  Indo-American Centre for International Studies (IACIS)   (ASRC), Hyderabad, India.

The Centre was founded in 1964, and today has diversified its collection, resources, activities, etc., to a broader spectrum.

Placed in India, it served as a development centre for Indian and Asian breed of Americanists. Thousands of its members, the primary beneficiaries, vouch this fact. The regionalization process which started in 1990s led to widening ASRC's horizon and today it stands as a centre for study of comparative cultures and literatures, and hence attracts scholars from all over Asia and Africa.

ASRC is a major resource centre and not mere library and information centre. Nevertheless the center of the Center is its 200,000 document collection unique in various ways.

USIS New Delhi

South India American Studies Network and the Center for Indo-American Studies and the American Studies Collection

Jawaherlal Nehru University has an extensive program in American Studies and international relations.

Bombay University has extensive resources on International Relations.

Fulbright Foundationin India provides support for research and training in US, and has other academic programs

Indo-American Society, Bombay (promotes friendly relationship between the two countries)

The Indo-American Chamber of Commerce of Northern California

Indo-American Chamber of Commerce in India

Education for Indian Americans

Ford Foundation in India also supports research for both, individual and corporate types.