What is Indian Contribution to American Studies?

Assessment of any area of study presupposes the existence of an established field and American studies in India is one of these. 'American  studies' connotes study of American civilization. Like all area studies, it has a holistic approach, which describes its interdisciplinary nature. Indian attempts to study America started well off in the sixties and today after three decades it is time to analyze the level of contributions made by scholars -- Indian Americanists in particular and the academics in general.

The assessment of contributions of India to the understanding of America can be made in a number of ways. Indian writing and academia has reached an age of publishability and acceptability. Whether all this is "acceptable" and whether all this "contribution" is taken note by America is not yet clear. The next century only can indicate any results and we are optimistic in this regard.

                     (from the "Preface", Indian Contribution to American Studies, 1997, New Delhi, Anmol Publications).

PS. To provide a better understanding of the topic, as well as, instant access to an important aspect on the research completed, a small introductory note would be helpful. Chapter Three of the book, "Research Trends", is modified and presented here, as Indian Contribution to American Studies: A Thematic Review

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updated Mar 11, 2010