Indo American Library Associates

An idea plan of Dr. Mohamed Taher
All library and information specialists in the Indian and American continents are welcomed to join this fraternity. A listing below of all such associates is neither exhaustive nor comprehensive. All those have interests in a comparative study of this trans-national librarianship are invited. Any name that is excluded is only due to error, and no malice towards any is intended. Attempt has been made to lists all Fulbright librarians, researchers, faculty, trans-national specialists, writers, visitors, Indian librarians working in America, etc. of those come under this scope.

The scope of this fraternity, as included here, is to cover all information professionals having interest or have worked in these comparative perspectives.


In India:
Burhanuudin,Mohammed Hyderabad University

Gupta, B M, New Delhi

Jagdish, M K , Chennai 

Kittur K N., Fulbrighter, Bhuaneswar

Konnur M B., Ph.D., Pune Univ.

Kumar P S G., Ph.D., Nagpur Univ.

Mitra, Rukmini, Calcutta

Panda, Krishna, Ph.D., Fulbrighter, Sambhalpur Univ.,

Raina, Roshan, Fulbrighter, Lucknow

Dr. N G Satsih ALA Library Visitor

Sethi, Fulbrighter, 

Taher, Mohamed, Ph.D., Fulbrighter, (presently in Riyadh)

Bhatt, Anjna

Davis, Donald, Ph.D., University of Texas, Fellow of American Association for Indian studies

James Nye, Chicago Univ., South Asia consortium specialists

Gopinath M A., Ph.D., Fulbrighter,

Guliani, Nirmala, Stanford Univ.

Sharma, R N., Ph.D., West Virginia State College, 

Vishwanathan, Rama 

In Canada:
Krishnan, Kewal, University of Saskatchewan Libraries, Saskatoon